The Ice Trail

Go Exploring

Go exploring to learn about Cro-Magnon man and his amazing Labyrinth of Mirrors. Here on the Ice Trail you will be challenged by all manner of strange things.


Professor Netessur’s Bivouac

Discover a heart-stopping world

Find out all about Professor Jean Netessur, a passionate archaeologist, enter his bivouac and get ready to follow in his footsteps.

The Painted Grotto

In the footsteps of Professor Netessur

Admire the Painted Grotto and the animals that Cro-Magnon man lived with. Spot the intruder that slipped in.

The Animal Cave

Careful, danger!… Animals!

To access the Labyrinth and see Cro-Magnon man, you need to exit the animal cave alive! Watch out for wolves, bears… and the terrifying bats!

The Labyrinth of Mirrors

Surprise Cro-Magnon man

Lose all your bearings in this cathedral of ice! Be overwhelmed by the special effects and… meet Cro-Magnon man!

The Teaching Maze

Gamble and win in the Maze

Learn about the life of Cro-Magnon man in this educational labyrinth. Then gamble and win gifts in the Escape-Lab game!

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